A Conversation With Sam V

November 4, 2020
Sam V

Prolific as he is talented, Sam V is beginning to cement himself as one of New Zealand’s most exciting talents. Already releasing a flurry of material throughout 2020, the Auckland based artist looks to finish the year on a strong note with his latest single ‘Up Up Down’.

Produced by longtime collaborator EDY, the track is a smooth slice of contemporary R&B.

We caught up with Sam to chat about making music, his local scene and future plans.

Check out the interview below.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are and what you do?

I’m an old man, I’m light skin cook islander and dutch, try my best to sing a confused version of R&B and I work for AUT. And I run a creative collective called Y$O with a man named Edward. Hit my Onlyfans for the personal stuff x

You blend a few styles together in your music, how would you describe your sound?

Maybe if you put lots of R&B into a blender with bits of hip-hop, pop, alternative and the unexpected sneaking through. Like the Lance Hohaia of R&B.

Tell me a bit about your recent single ‘Up Up Down’?

Yo, me and Ed were jamming a video for videographer and editor, Peter Pedro and he challenged us to make a song. So we did. And it’s pretty dope. It’s a nice pretty nice way to round off a busy year for me, and the video is crackup so check it out or I’ll be really mad.

The track is produced by EDY, who you’ve worked with quite a bit in the past, tell me a little bit about how you guys work together?

I’ve known the guy since I was 15 and we’ve been jamming since we were 17. We’re very eager to challenge each other and create things that haven’t been heard in NZ. Typically we’ll geeze over a few reference tracks or scan for samples on splice, and from there just build the project around concepts & ideas.

You’ve had a prolific year with a flurry of releases, how do you find the energy to keep releasing?

Being productive opens way more doors. NZ is small so you gotta be consistent and proactive.

You seem to be a part of a pretty collaborative team in Auckland, working with the likes of EDY, bKIDD, Jarna, Chris Bates and a slew of others. Tell me a little bit about that community and how you make music together?

Y$O baby! Shoutouts to Brokeboi Ace, Aidan Fine, Malachi Samuelu, CreationKit, bKIDD & Disciple Pati too who’ve all been around our circle. We like moving as a team – particularly when it comes to shows. But we’ve also been jamming at EDY’s studio on ze Sundeee’s.

Looking back at 2020 do you have any favourite moments? Releases, gigs or events?

Y$O Vol.4 was insane, gig of the year.

Tell me about some of your plans for 2021?

Two albums (solo & Y$O) and several music videos. Hopefully, we keep selling out arenas in AKL and start touring other towns in NZ. We hungry maaaaaaan. Ain’t slowin’ down.

You can check out ‘Up Up Down’ below.

As well as the music video.

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