A Conversation With Paige

April 29, 2020

New Zealand singer/songwriter Paige recently released her new single “Yellow,” having started her career uploading acoustic covers to YouTube the Auckland musician has amassed close to 10,000 subscribers, toured with Six60, and in 2017 released her first EP “On My Own”.

Her recent release “Yellow” is a heartfelt single that addresses mental health. We spoke to her to discuss the meaning behind the track, her experiences touring and the topic of mental health.

What have you been up to during lockdown?

“I’ve written music and painted a bit, I also watched the whole harry potter and twilight series haha.”

What is the significance behind the colour yellow? 

“As a kid, I was fascinated behind Aura meanings which are pretty much the colours of certain energies. Yellow signifies freedom and happiness which made me love the colour.”

Yellow is a very heartfelt song. What is the story behind the single?

“I wrote the song about personal issues I experienced two years ago which caused me to have erratic episodes where I would self-harm. My friend Marie told me I had to stay to see my dreams and that’s what inspired the song.” 

The song tackles mental health issues. Have you struggled with depression yourself? 

“I’ve dealt with depression for a few years which has inspired a lot of the songs I write. It’s been a difficult ride but grateful that it’s not as bad as it could be.”

Are you trying to start the conversation around mental health more? 

“Yeah, I want to encourage people to be more open in talking about it. I’ve lost someone close to me because he didn’t open up about it and if he did then maybe he’d still be here.”

Who directed the video/did the animations? 

“Studio Local! I sent them a concept of how I wanted to have a bee in the video turning things yellow and they did the greatest job at bringing it all to life.”

How long was it in the works for? 

“The video took about 2 and a half weeks. So awesome The song was made last year, we finished it in a day (Josh Fountain, Djeis Suskov and I.)”

In terms of the production side did you take an active role in the artistic direction? 

“We started the song with me playing around with chords which we ended up using. I knew I wanted the song to be washy and big. Josh put it all together super well.”

Musically Yellow has a lot more instrumentation than the “On My Own E.P.” What made you want to change from stripped-down acoustic tracks to having a full-on backing band? 

“I always wanted to have a band and have big production since I was a child wanting to do music. Because I didn’t know anyone who could help me at the time and I didn’t know how to produce, I thought it would be easier to write acoustic songs.”

Is that a style you’re going to be sticking with?

“Throughout my career, I want to have a lot of different styles. I’ve always wanted to play around with different genres especially Funk/Rnb/Disco. I’ll definitely go back to playing some acoustic songs but the goal really is to explore different styles and learn how to produce.” 

Are you working on a follow up to your 2017 EP On my Own?

“I am! I’ve finished an EP that should be coming out around June! I’m super proud of it.”

So you started out by YouTube covers right? How long have you been playing music for? 

“I’ve been singing/performing since I was 5 at school talent shows and then I started playing the guitar at 9 because I wanted to learn how to play Disney songs. I then posted covers at 13.”

You opened for Six60 earlier in the year what was that experience like? 

“It taught me a lot. After every show, I’d always find something I wanted to improve. My family love six60 and came to every show and seeing them enjoy it was my favourite part. So grateful for the experience.” 

You can watch the music video for “Yellow” here; 

You can stream Paige’s music here;

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