A Conversation With NO COMPLY

November 13, 2020

Consisting of brothers Ethan and Fynn, NO COMPLY are quickly beginning to cement themselves as ones to watch. Blending elements of 90’s boom-bap with modern trap sounds, the brothers have a unique and exciting sound.

We caught up with Fynn ahead of the release of their new single ‘THIS FISH’ to have a chat about their sound, their songwriting process and future plans.

Check out the interview below.

Tell me a little bit about NO COMPLY and how it all came together?

NO COMPLY is myself, Fynn, and my younger brother Ethan. We’ve both been making and involved in music for a long time. I’ve played in multiple bands and my brother has always played instruments and got into production a couple of years back. He landed himself an injury so was in the hospital for a little while and picked up Ableton. He’s one of those people where if he puts his mind to it he just won’t put it down, and his production skills outgrew mine very quickly. 

He was down in Wellington, and I was going through the ending phases of a previous project that I wasn’t really feeling anymore. So I was a little bit in limbo, and he was coming up and sending me things that I clicked with. We did a couple of sessions here and there when he popped up on break and when he finished we decided to make it a full-time thing.

So it sounds like a pretty natural coming together in the end?

Yes definitely! When we were younger we used to be at each other’s throats all the time and just didn’t get along at all. A couple of years after high school we started getting on really well, and we’re best mates now. Everything’s super easy, which is pretty fortunate. 

The name No COMPLY, how did that come about?

NO COMPLY is a bit of a double meaning. One side of it is we always grew up around skating and skate culture. All our mates skated and we did too, so NO COMPLY is a skate move. That’s where the street side of it comes from, which comes through a few of our songs, more so the ones we haven’t released yet.

Also just being non-compliant with what people tell you to do and how you should live your life. 

You’ve released a few tracks so far that are all pretty different in style, what do you see your genre being?

We made a lot of things a while ago and have been slowly dripping them out, and playing around with different styles. For us, we don’t want to stay in one lane and be known for one thing. We want to be able to explore different paths if we wanted to. We’ve kind of thrown these out to show people what kind of influence we have in our lives and what we like to make. I think for the stuff coming out in the future we’re both heavily influenced by 90’s boom-bap rap, and my brother by some heavier stuff like the American Trap scene. 

The next one is going to be a lot more boom-bap and summery vibes. We’ve got some coming out early next year which are going to be heavy and dark and more personal. So I don’t really know how to define it as a genre haha.

Tell me how a typical NO COMPLY session works? Do you start with a beat first or work around a songwriting aspect?

Yea it goes both ways! Because we’re not living together at the moment, he usually sends me something. We have a dropbox folder that we work on and can play around with different ideas. Then either I’ll write to it, or I’ll have a verse I’ve written that might go over a different beat of his that encapsulates what I’ve been writing about. We’ll put two and two together, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Just keeping up a high rate of workflow, he’s always making beats so there are heaps to choose from. But, on the other end of the spectrum, it’s hard to pick from haha. But yea when we can we just jump in a room and vibe.

In terms of the songwriting process, I know you perform everything so do you handle most of the songwriting? Or is it more of a collaborative process between the two of you?

Yea it’s very much collaborative! Ethan does 90% of the production. But he’s started writing more hooks and jumping on hooks more. We’re going to try to get him to do some verses as well. I’ve been doing the writing so far for the verses, but influence the production as well. It’s very much a collaborative process.

I know you said you guys didn’t get along well back in the day, so what’s it like now working so closely with family? You haven’t had any run-ins?

Nah we haven’t at all! I think it’s a good time to be doing it now. If we had the same opportunity we did years before, it would have gotten heated very fast and not lasted very long haha. But yea we’ve been really good, we’re lucky enough to have parents who are super supportive and they’re musical. They got us into music at a really young age and are really into film and stuff as well. So it’s a very open family when it comes to music and the creative process, we all get along really well. 

You’re about to release your new single ‘THIS FISH’ can you tell me about that?

So that’s coming out this Friday! Snuck up fast haha. It’s a love song. Well, a love-rap song. It’s more steered towards that 90’s summery vibe, more so like Tic-Tac-Toe than anything else. It’s a bit more mellow, and I wanted to write a love song about being patient, specifically for me meeting my partner now. Finding the right catch, it’s all metaphorical because I didn’t want to write a love song that was bland and obvious. So, I made it about fishing, because everyone loves to fish in Summer haha.

Do you do a bit of fishing yourself?

Yea as much as I can man! I don’t get out enough but I do enjoy it a lot.

What do you guys have planned over Summer?

So far we’ve got a gig for the release at Cassette Nine with Rhys Rich. Which will be very cool, he’s got a really nice mellow sound so I’m looking forward to seeing him. The following week we’re going down to the Mount for Totara. December 5th we’re supporting DUAL for their EP release which will be sweet. Then we’re in Gizzie for New Years at Rhythm And Vines where we’re playing the 31st.

So we’re in for a run over Summer haha.

So when can we expect a project from you guys? Is that something you’ve been thinking about?

Yea definitely! We’ve got this single Friday, another in January and then we’re aiming for an EP early Feb. We’re just making sure it’s all cohesive and tells a nice tight story from start to finish. We’ll have 6-7 new tracks on an EP in Feb.

You can check out ‘THIS FISH’ below.

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