A Conversation with Krispy & The Pooch

March 25, 2020

Originally from Auckland and now based in Berlin, Krispy & The Pooch have taken their eclectic mix of hip-hop, funk and soul around the globe. Taking pride in their non-conventional approach the duo consists of two members in Kriston Batistić (Krispy) and Simon Townsend (The Pooch). Coming to Christchurch and playing two other shows in Auckland the duo were happy to be home. Between watching a busker’s festival performance and a meal at Little High we found some time to catch up with the talented pair.

Ahead of their set at Electric Avenue Music Festival in Christchurch we had a quick chat about their journey, transitioning to Berlin and future plans. 

Check it out below;

Nice to catch up with you guys! Can you tell me how you first met?

Kriston. My names Kriston AKA Krispy 

Simon. And my names Simon AKA The Pooch or the other half

K. And together we make Krispy & The Pooch, we’re down here in Christchurch about to play Electric Avenue.

S. We are two friends who met through Facebook. A mutual friend tagged us both in a post and we ended up meeting up and just really hit it off.

K. I really wanted to start making music with a bit more of a hip-hop influence. I’d always been in bands but I’ve just loved hip-hop for the longest time, and I didn’t know anyone who was making hip-hop. I ended up just putting a track out by myself and a mutual friend tagged Pooch, I went around for a jam and met Simba as well and we really clicked.

K. We ended up forming a group called the Boom-Box Eulogy and played together for a year or so. That ended up finishing and I moved over to Berlin, and The Pooch soon followed. 

Tell me a bit more about that transition from the Boom-Box Eulogy to Krispy & The Pooch? Especially style-wise.

S. Initially Kriston’s skill set wasn’t particularly in hip-hop whereas mine was. With the Boom-Box Eulogy, we were kind of playing more into my strengths, so with this one, it was a bit more collaborative. When we first got to Berlin we had a massive break where we were just working on our own stuff. We just never really thought to do something together again, because it went really well in Auckland with the Boom-Box Eulogy. So we decided to sit down and try to do something a little bit different here. 

The hip-hop scene in Germany is a little bit different, and all the massive acts speak German. So that played a part in what we were doing. We thought let’s just work on a project with no plans, that doesn’t have a genre, and just focus on what sounds good.

K. We put a few songs together in the beginning. After that, we thought the tracks were all pretty different from each other. So from there we had different avenues we could explore through our music and it didn’t limit us, we just went with whatever groovy and whatever makes you shake your booty. There’s no genre, it’s just what we’re feeling and what we think is fun to make.

So what’s it like being in Berlin? 

S. It’s weird but great. It’s definitely a strange place to make music because there’s just so much different stuff here. There’s a lot of amazing musicians around because it’s such a hub here. There are so many talented musicians in NZ, but in Berlin, it’s more about the frequency of them and it’s really a numbers game.

K. Berlin is a hub and a big melting pot of culture. It’s predominantly techno, tech-house and electronic music which influences the local scene. But we’ve got a bunch of local friends we jam with and there’s just so much talent around. We enjoy working with other local artists and keep it all fresh.

It’s such a cool vibe and there’s always opportunity. 

So you’re here to play Electric Avenue in Christchurch, what does it feel like flying back to NZ for that?

S. I went through Hong-Kong which was interesting haha. But it’s always cool to come back, the day I got back we had a gig in Waiheke Island in Auckland. I was running off pretty much no sleep, I went home had a nap for an hour and went straight to the gig. It’s awesome being back and seeing how much has changed, but also whats the same. Pretty much every way you could want its the same. People are still really nice and there’s a cool creative atmosphere.

K. For me personally I hadn’t been back home in Auckland for three and a half years so I thought it was time to come back. We planned a few shows around the festival where we played in Auckland and Waiheke as well. Thought we might as well make the most of it all, it’s great being back in the New Zealand sun.

So what’s next for you guys?

K. We’ve got a new single planned with this awesome artist based in Berlin, shes from Tel Aviv in Isreal. Her name is J. La Motta, shes amazing and has a bit of an Erykah Badu/Norah Jones vibe about her and its really authentic.

S. She’s starting to take off now, so it’s a really exciting time for us for this single. For her too shes so talented and awesome to watch live.

K. She’s one of our friends as well. So to be making music and hanging out with your friends is just the coolest thing. Our songs called ‘The Gutter’ which should be out sometime soon.

S. After that is the album! Some of the songs we’re going to be road testing at Electric Avenue to see what the crowd responds to and see what makes the cut.

Check out the duos latest track below;

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