A Conversation With DUAL

August 28, 2020

Having made a home in a West Auckland bungalow, DUAL have been hard at work over the past 5 years. Makers of lush, low-key dancefloor anthems, DUAL bring together the vocals of Maurice Miller with guitarist Jamie Pyne’s dynamic guitar lines and electronic production for a groovy and upbeat mix of indietronica. 

We caught up with them ahead of the release of their latest single ‘What Do You Say’ to chat about their production process, love for performing and future plans.

Check out the interview below.

Tell me a little about DUAL. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?


You blend live instrumentation with electronic production, tell me a little bit more about your production and songwriting process?

Most of our songs are written acoustically – we generally jam for hours (guitar//vocals) and eventually reach a point where we have a recurring melody or hook and kind of flesh it out that way before Jamie takes it away to work his magic and build the idea. Some songs are written within a day and others take a while or end up being merged with other ideas or saved and stored for when we find the missing part. 

Indietronica is a label that’s been attached to your music. How do you feel about genres place in music? Do you feel your music falls into a particular genre at all?

I think it’s up to the listener to decide, it’s always very interesting to see how people receive it or what they compare our music to. 

You’re no stranger to the New Zealand scene, tell me about some of your favourite moments over the past years? Whether they be performances or releases.

Splore was great, our biggest show to date, playing in a packed tent at the stroke of midnight. Actually, in the next few months, we will have written, recorded and released more songs than we ever have!

You mentioned you love performing. Is that something you keep in mind when writing songs?

I think it’s definitely something we’re conscious of when writing. However, it’s important to us to just finish something for what it is – not really getting caught up or worrying how we can play it in a live setting. We’ve just added a drummer to our live set – which has taken everything into a new direction – so we’re looking forward to being able to play again. 

DUAL has been releasing a steady series of music over the past years, do you feel your music or approach to songwriting has changed much?

Yes – we have got better at writing and producing music. I think before it was always quite loose with structures and grooves whilst we were still kind of finding our sound. We are now a little more conscious of where things go – when to go all in and when to pull back. Songwriting is still a magic thing though you can’t force it.

You’re about to release your new single ‘What Do You Say”. Can you tell me a little bit more about the track? 

This one has been with us for a year or so – it was written on acoustic guitar and originally allot slower then what it is now – We’re stoked to be able to finally let it free.

What does the future hold in store for DUAL?

We’re busy working on our EP which will be out before the end of 2020, we have a headline show in Auckland coming up, and also a few summer festival slots to look forward too.

Check out “What Do You Say” below.

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