A Conversation With Dharmarat

September 5, 2020

After taking a hiatus from releasing music, Auckland based Dharmarat returns with the hard-hitting track ‘Roam’.

We caught up with him to chat about returning to music, his year so far and future plans.

Check out the interview below. 

ROAM is the first release of 2020 for you after being on a hiatus? How does it feel to be back releasing music?

It feels okay I guess, I now know what it feels like to have a ‘career’ start dwindling. It was pretty funny, to be honest. I started to feel more like Adam than Dharmarat too, I could talk to my family and friends without my music being a talking point. I will probably always miss that from this point.

What made you feel like ending the hiatus early to release new music?

Well… My partner and I are expecting our first child and I’m absolutely terrified by the possibility I won’t be able to provide. I wish I had known we’d be having a baby earlier so I could have completely sold out, maybe next year.

Tell me a bit more about the track itself? How did it all come together?

This song was made last year around the same time WLKNZ dropped, I was coming off just dropping over 10kgs and I was feeling myself. Elder sent a pack of mean beats my way and the one which we now know as ROAM stuck out because it sounded like it needed raps and nothing else.

Has taken a break from releasing given you a new perspective on your music at all?

Yeah, it’s all who I used to be before taking the break. That’s why I’m thinking about retiring Dharmarat and releasing music under my new legal name.

Obviously, with COVID it’s altered the way a lot of musicians have made their music. Has that changed any of your plans this year?

Not really, I make my music alone in my room anyway. A couple of shows were postponed and cancelled which sucks though.

Although this is the first release of 2020 for you you’ve been busy with collaborations. What are some of your favourite collabs that you’ve done this year?

This skuxx as dude And$um and I have a song called Dreaming which is fire. I really like my ones with Chronic Shnxman and Young Ghost. There’s one with Kamahumble dropping soon that’s fucking crazy. I also did Dead Air which is nice. That VSB song HELLYEAH though, sexy as posse cut my g.

What does the rest of 2020 have in store for you?

Probably get myself cancelled, drop an album that’s equally terrible and amazing, finish VSB Vol. 3, do a couple of shows and become a father.

Check out ‘ROAM’ below.

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