A Conversation With DEEZY

March 23, 2020

Hailing from Invercargill, hip-hop artist DEEZY is on a mission to have his voice heard. Over the last 4 years, the self-produced artist has been steadily working on his craft and the results have begun to show. After some successful playlisting on Spotify and recognition in his hometown, the hard-working artist is ready to take the next step in his career. 

We sat with him to chat about making music in Invercargill, finding your sound, and using music as a tool for growth. 

Check out the interview below;

Introduce yourself! Who you are, where you’re from and what you do?

I’m Dominic AKA DEEZY, a hip-hop artist from the 812 216 straight out of Invercargill. I’m a self-taught producer and everything on my catalogue is produced by me. I used to be a dedicated rugby player but switched up and taught myself how to make music, and 4 years later here I am. 

I’ve been pushing my music through Spotify and starting to see a bit of success. I really like to work with other NZ artists and been rolling a few features with some other local artists.

Tell me about some of your upcoming drops?

I’ve just linked up with STPD Media up here in Christchurch to film a video for 812. Which is telling people my story and where I’m from and what we’ve got going on Invercargill. Then I’m doing a pop-up show on the 28th of March (which has now unfortunately been postponed due to Corona Virus) with some other local artists who are going to be a lot of fun. 

I’ve got a track coming soon with Lil Dust, and another one with the homie Niko. 

So what’s it like making music in Invercargill?

Hella different. Invercargill for the small town it is there’s definitely a lot of ego-based cats, but you’re going to get that in most cities. But in Invercargill, from my eyes, it’s lacking young cats pushing their stuff. It’s mainly dudes who have been around for a while with a big underground following. A lot of those people are inter-connected, but I think the young cat scene is definitely on the rise. 

People more want to do it themselves, everyone’s on the DIY buzz here. Making music down in Invercargill with my homies there’s just no pressure as well. We’re just some young cats from down south talking about what we get up to. Smoking chilling and no pressure.

I’m a realist and get inspired by people who think the same. we’re trying to push the message of where we’re from and where we want it to go. Invercargill is a super low key place but its a place you want to grind and succeed in. 

You’ve got some good numbers and recognition from your music, so what does it mean making music down south and being able to get that recognition?

That’s a big thing for me. Last year there was some real validation and I think I found my sound. Finally posting some tracks and getting some traction and getting some international listeners as well. It’s a fuel to push harder if you can reach people around the world with your music, especially those who don’t speak English, that’s just crazy. It’s something that I never thought I could do. 


Talk to me about your process? How you go about making music and how you’ve grown with it?

If I’m making music and getting down to business, I don’t like to have any outside pressure. Anything else that I’m doing in life is for music and I’m trying to better myself through music. I always plan my songs before making them, if I’m trying to make an uplifting song I’ll literally write that down and try to visualize it. When I’m inside that booth I’m trying to get the rawest and honest feelings into that microphone. When I write the stuff that comes out is from the heart. 

I work a job and I use that to stay on the front foot so I can put money towards music. That’s a big thing for me and I try and build my life around having the least amount of pressure outside of music. As soon as it hits 5 o’clock I’m done and getting to the music. It’s good and bad in a way and there have been times I’ve missed out on doing things because I’ve been making music. It’s definitely moulded me into someone I didn’t necessarily think I would be. I try and stay dedicated to this, I don’t go out to the club and get drunk I’m always in my room on a Saturday night, if I’m not with my family or my missus, making music. It’s changed me into a different person and I think that’s for the better.

I’ve spent so much time alone making music and I feel my priorities have shifted. I can pick up on peoples vibe a whole lot easier now and it means I can just focus on doing my thing. If I’m talking to someone and I don’t like what they’re about I can just walk away. I want to connect with the right ears and the right people.

Check out DEEZY’s latest video directed by STPD Media below.

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